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  In 1, XX company sold goods are genuine licensed? After sale service?

  Answer: XYZ company sold goods are authentic licensed, provided free of charge invoice. According to company sales document, all goods can enjoy the after sale service, a company will strictly according to the sale of goods to exchange and return of the obligations. See customer service description

  In 2, a company's price and the entity shop price why so much difference?

  Answer: a pair of products from manufacturers to distributors, wholesalers, size to rent expensive luxury decoration products store, each link layers increases, consumers can only passively accept the empty high price, but a company is the factory direct supply. Query the XYZ company price causes.

  3, how to place an order to buy in the company?

  Answer: in the XYZ company place an order and most shopping website is the same, if you don't know much about the network shopping. View > details of purchase process (each step can click on view, a detailed map describes Oh! ).

  4, transport damage how to do?

  Answer: because the road transport of goods caused damage or lost items from our commitment to product loss, so you do not need to worry about the transportation problem. ( after long-distance transportation of packaging products may have a slight collision is normal, but does not damage the merchandise in the packing box, a company's packaging is famous for its strong Oh )

  5, excuse me, how much is it?

  Answer: ( 1) you can click to delivery, with shipments, freight, transport query.

  ( 2) you click submit orders goods after purchase, process system will tell you the specific freight transport.

  6, how much time can deliver?

  Answer: we usually warehouse spot there, every 16:30 order before the day you can express delivery ( Express home delivery is possible before with your phone ), Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities delivery 1-2 days after delivery, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing after delivery of 2-3 work day service, other city 2-5 working day service ( enter my account order there is express delivery odd number you can DIY online inquiry ordered goods in transit and arrival time ) first order distribution online self-help inquiry function!

  7, I received the goods are not satisfied with how to do?

  Answer: when you receive the goods after 30 days, if not satisfied with the goods, don't like, and unopened use or quality problems under the premise, you can be the unconditional return or exchange your satisfaction of other goods. Details please refer to the return flow.

  8, to give the invoice?

  We sell all goods are free to provide a formal invoice, receipt of goods in your love and confirmed after entering a company, " my account " " invoice " for items submitted online invoice, our customer service will mail mail invoices to you. Ask for a receipt note.

  In 9, a company which to have payment?

  Answer: We support the mode of payment, can see the payment way.